We still need You

Jan - Founder investor, SoMe

We still need You

We have come a long way by now, and things are looking fine, weird but true!

The last ten months have been a hard but also exciting journey for me as a Founder of SoMeCentral. I have been talking with potential customers, to get their response to the SoMeCentral product, and all but one (You know who you are Helle) have said, that they would love to use the SoMeCentral product, as my view of the problem is spot on. To be fair…Helle did like the idea of SoMeCentral, but she was not able to use SoMeCentral in her work life.

Happy days for that, I am honoured. That so many people have been willing to listen to me and what I had to say about SoMeCentral. Their response just makes my determination even stronger to provide the global market with a unique tool that will make their lives more easy, productive and effective.

I have been working my ass off, to contact the right kind of people, that can execute the planned roll-out of the SoMeCentral APP and back-end system, and I got them now. The code guys are in place, ready to do their magic so we can launch the MVP for sale in late August. I know, that the time from now and until them will be felt like it is two years and not just a couple of months. If you been there yourself, you know what I am talking about.

Many start-ups have a great focus on the marketing and development team but tend to forget other staffing needs, but I know that running the finances and working with the budgets are not one of my strong skills or interest, so we have been so lucky to attract a senior CFO to the SoMeCentral ApS company. I am looking forward to being working with Henrik in the future when we can afford to tab into his waste experience and skills.

I am also happy about the current investors; they have been acting cool in the period of setting up SoMeCentral in all the legal aspect. They have been supportive, and I feel blessed to be able to “play ball” with them. That said, we still need a bit more money to execute on the platforms we must meet our potential customers. Hence, we are open for first round investors to put 200.000.- DKK into the company.

Do you want to know more about the potential of SoMeCentral then contact me ASAP, as we will close the first run as quickly as we can, and before the launch of the SoMeCentral MVP product solution is released for sale in late August.


Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.

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