The 1-year release party for SoMeCentral

Jan - Founder employee branding, social media marketing, SoMe, Startup

The 1-year release party for SoMeCentral

Thursday 07-02-2019 was a special day for us here in SoMeCentral, One year ago we did release our tool for Android, iOS and the web app for administrators. It was a grey and rainy day, and we had worked for a long time to reach the day of making the product public. The release day was also a day that we did not celebrate in any form. Not that we do not like to celebrate, but it was just a monumental task we had overcome to make the product, so we completely forgot to cheer.

You must remember to celebrate your accomplishments!

This is what we have been told a lot of times, and for our one year birthday, we invited some friends and family to celebrate the event with us. One of our friends made a beautiful pink cake, and we served pink wine to go with the cake.

We are getting more and more traction for our product, and we keep on improving the product, so we get more and happier customers. We have been in contact with users, and we many times to meet the expectations and demands they come up with if it suits the overall roadmap.

We are excited to see some major updates within the next few weeks, and we are happy to support more social media- and community managers with a special tool for collecting photos and videos from a workforce for the use in social media marketing or employee branding.