Team and company ready, time to code the product

Jan - Founder investor, SoMe

Team and company ready, time to code the product

I have learned that setting up a start-up like SoMeCentral is a tuff job, however now we are ready for the fun part.

  • Initial investors found.
  • Holding company and an operational company is made (SoMeCentral Holding ApS and SoMeCentral ApS).
  • The team is ready for all important roles.

I am grateful for all the helpful people that are willing to assist in our way to a final product, maybe it is because many of the have had the problem we want to help them with, I don’t know that right now, but thanks to everybody no matter what!

So now has the time come to make the final design based on my first design model, and code the product for everyone to enjoy.

This is a Phase I hate….honestly I do, as the code phase is taking the initiative and also a large part of control from me, and I must rely on the code team.

The coder and his co-host….are some really cool guys and they have made a lot of know APPs before, so SoMeCentral is in young, but competent hands right now.

This coding phase is leaving me with time to do other things, like talking to more investors, and this is my primary task right now.

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.