Your guide to setup SoMeCentral in your company

Setup first time user

Account administrator

  • Download the app.

    Download the app from Google play or App Store to register your profile and organization in the app itself.

    As the first user, you are default administrator. You can change this later, and you can also add more administrators to the back-end module.

  • Setup you personal account, and company account

    As the first user, you can create your company account. Name the Company account first time you set up your personal profile. The normal is to give your account your company name.

    If you are a part of an international company you will benefit from naming your local account with a local name. Company name Denmark, or something like that. This naming of your account will allow other national departments of your company to create their local accounts in SoMeCentral.

  • Recieve your pincode by e-mail and txt.

    The SoMeCentral system automatically sent you an email and TXT message with your pin code to the smartphone and web app.

    NOTE – Check your spam folder.

  • Log into the web app module from a web browser and finalize your account.

    Login the administrator module here:

    you must change the pin code used in your smartphone app to a real password in the administrator module. Your smartphone pincode will not change.

    We do this for security reasons.

  • Invite your co-workers and collaborate

    f inbound photos and videos.

    The bigger your content creation team is, the more photos and videos you will get.

    TIP – Select users from various departments to get a complex mix of content you can make your storytelling about.

  • BINGO you are now collecting more photos and videos

    You can supplement your invitation, by sending your co-workers a message with great reason for using the SoMeCentral app.

App user

Standard user and content contributor

  • Administrator send you a invite by e-mail and/or text.

    Your account administrator invites you to be a part of SoMeCentral.

    You will get a message by e-mail and/or text message.

  • Download the app

    Follow the download link in the message to Google Play or App Store.

    Links er here:

  • Recieve your pincode by e-mail and/or txt

    The SoMeCentral system automatically sent you an email and/or text message with your pin code to the smartphone and web app.

    Setup your user account with your personal e-mail and/or phone number.

    NOTE – Check your spam folder.

  • BINGO! You are ready to create photos and videos for you comapny.

    Now you can use the SoMeCentral smartphone app when you are making work related photos and videos.

    All you have to do is “shoot and forget” SoMeCentral takes care of the rest.