SoMeCentral is getting ready to do business

Jan - Founder Startup

SoMeCentral is getting ready to do business


After more than half a year of initial planning, the SoMeCentral company and APP are getting a lift-off.

Now we are letting the company and idea public. The first investor has made his payment, so now we can get things done.

We are excited to be able to offer you a great platform and product in the future, so you can create better results from any SoMe platform you want to use.

Today is our first day at Væksfabrikken in Slagelse (Denmark). Vækstfabrikken is a Danish incubator environment; Here we can develop the company and product in a good manner, and with great people all around us.

We are so fortunate to have several investors lining up (lucky us!), and we are looking forward to including many more of them in the SoMeCentral setup shortly.

Author: Jan Thorsoe Andersen – Founder