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Our story at SoMeCentral

Our Founder experienced problems, when he made digital communication, for his digital marketing customers in Denmark.

One problem seemed to be the same, regardless of the client-specific industries or individual needs. They all had old, poor quality or no pictures and videos at all, for their websites and SoMe channels.

This lack of great photos and videos presents a real problem, as social media will be more critical of organizations and companies in the future, as well as in the present. Great SoMe postings with authentic content are the future.


The nature of humankind

When talking to Marketing- and SoMe Managers they all said, they had the same problem. They were not getting photos or videos from the everyday life in their organizations or companies, and that meant that they were forced to create every single photo or video themselves.


Companies with a social media department

Get more than 34% better CTR

Are you in charge of your marketing and social media channels, then we offer a tool, where you can save time and money, and still get more effective in your job.

Our tool is super easy to use, it is cost-effective, and you can get the time you need to create extraordinary postings, the actual job you are hired to do, not hunting for the perfect photo video.

No matter how highly effective you are in your job, you will never be able to be present at all places and at all times. By harvesting the power of collaboration with SoMeCentral, you will get the media anyway. Let your co-workers create that authentic content from situations around your organization, then you can focus on how to present the story online.

HR – Human resource departments

Employee branding with structure

Are you in charge of an employee branding project or similar, then you can benefit from using SoMeCentral.

SoMeCentral let you collect all the best moments from the everyday life in your company or organization without losing control with content.

Whenever employees record a video or make a picture, then you can approve or delete that file in the back-end system.

Every employee can only see the photos or videos they made, not the work of co-workers unless you as an administrator decide to use the content on your company’s website, a social media channel or your internal intranet.

Advertising agencies or freelancing social media managers

We bring you closer to your customers in a simple, effective and cheap way. You know that getting photos and videos from your clients are if not impossible, then tricky and time-consuming. How may times did you try your customers to send you authentic content? Now, this is a problem of the past.

We help you to get photos and videos in a super simple way. When an employee of your customer is making a photo or video in the SoMeCentral user app, then you will automatically get access to the files.

No more sending photos and videos by e-mail or TXT/SMS or putting stuff in individual folders online. It is all done automatically.

We also take care of the copyright issue for you and your customers, and all content created in, or imported into the system is assigned with copyright to your customer.

Schools and education

We love education, and we love the great stories that are happening every single day in the educational sector.

SoMeCentral lets all students and staff be the ambassadors and creators of the content for great stories.

The nature of SoMeCentral mean, that only the administrator of SoMeCentral is the person in charge of postings on the social media channels of your school, not the individual contributor of content. Many do not want to be the private person to execute a SoMe posting, and we know that. Posting of approved content is the responsibility of the administrator in SoMeCentral.


Public entities like municipalities or other government institutions

We make a hard thing easy and secure

Let the employees document all the things happening in your district or government department.

It is an effective way to let the public know what great things you are working with on a daily basis, without being a time-consuming factor.

To create a photo or a video is super fast, and the app is intuitive. Just make the photo or video, and put your smartphone in your pocket, we take care of the rest.

Sport, entertainment, and clubs

Get the power of many

It doesn’t matter if you are in the “game” as a professional entity, or your work involve the happy amateur. You still need the great story to promote what you are doing and promote the happy people surrounding the activities you are creating or participating in.

SoMeCentral is a closed environment system, and only your administrator decides what content is used on your communication channels regardless if they are on your local website, your facebook page, on Instagram or a specialist communication channel. We make it easy for all participants to be content creators, and we make your life as a communicator more effective and straightforward.