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Jan - Founder Content Creation Automation

6 months in the market, and it is time to set a marker for SoMeCentral and keep you all updated

It has been some pretty intense 6 months. If you have been following me for some time now, you know this is my first time as a product owner, and it is pretty challenging and cool. I have tried to keep you all informed along the way, but when the shits hits the fan, it is hard also to be blogging on a regular basis. I am sorry for not getting you updated on a regular basis, and I will try to be more productive on our blog in the future.


So what is the state of SoMeCentral at the moment? First of all, I know that I need a co-founder or two, so that process is set in motion as I am writing this. Soon you will be meeting Stina Henriksen, and to be honest, she is pretty damn cool. I met Stina in our incubator office here in Slagelse, and she is a LOT different from me. If you are into people that are introvert, structured and analytical, then you will like Stina. She has a background in the pharma industry and is not a hardcore Social Media woman or familiar with building software, but she is getting there. Stina is an unusual introvert as she loves to talk to and help people, and if you are having problems with onboarding the SoMeCentral smartphone- or web app for administrators, then Stina will help you. I am looking forward to being working alongside with Stina in the future.

We still need a dedicated CTO co-founder, and I am always on the lookout for that kind of profile. Finding a local Danish one is pretty tricky, as the IT industry is in short supply of skilled coding people. I am sure that we eventually will find the right person that can be a part of our small team. If you by any chance know or are that kind of person, then please contact me. As you can see for yourself, you do not need to start coding SoMeCentral from scratch we are already operational. We have been so lucky to have an external (Danish) coding company helping us, and that relationship is working just fine, so my thanks and respect to them.

We have had some updates to our tool, and some few bugs, that have been taken care of, and we also hade some extra new features that many of you will benefit from.

Bulk invite

Some of the current accounts are made by +5000 employee companies, and to help them onboard a large number of users we made it possible to create an Excel or CSV file to invite massive amounts of users into the SoMeCentral smartphone app.

Share large files or large quantities of files with outsiders

In our approved folder with photos and videos, the account administrator can select a range of files to share with people that are not a part of your SoMeCentral account. It can be journalists, your advertising agency, a post-production videos freelancer, I think you get the picture. You don’t need to upload the files you want to share in products like Wetransfer or DropBox or similar tools. All you have to do is to select the files you want to share and send an email from within SoMeCentral. SoMeCentral then sends the recipient the mail, containing a link to the media, that can be downloaded in original format.


I know you are fed up with talks about GDRP, but as a tool provider, this is important. We also needed to update our tool so that users can get information about their account by the click of a bottom, and they can now delete their account with ease.

Getting bigger all the time

We are getting more accounts as time goes. We are thrilled with the interest you all show us. And as a Founder I often get people laughing when talking to SoMe Manager. I ask them if they are getting enough photos and videos from co-workers in their companies and organizations. They never get any, or the inbound flow coming from co-workers is so low that it is not worth mentioning. It makes me think that we are on the right path with a solution that is only getting better and better as we grow.

I want to thank you all for telling your peers about us. As a small start-up, we are deeply dependant on your support and feedback. Our marketing budgets are no ready to take on the global market right now, so every time you share the SoMeCentral project among other social media- or HR people we are deeply grateful.

Who are the clients

I must confess that marketing- social media- and human resource departments have been my focus group. From internal or external advertising bureaus, specialized social media agencies or freelancing Social Media Managers. What has surprised me along the way is that we also got some interest from elementary schools, and in general the education segment. They want and need to tell great stories together with the young people studying and the entire staff. This is also why I am looking forward to the first Danish public school to onboard around 500 users when the school begins after the summer vacation.

Small free version

For all of you want to try SoMeCentral we made a free version.
It is fully functional but is limited to 3 people. 2 regular app users and 1 administrator that can also be a content creator. Try it out if you like, maybe you will see how easy it is to get more authentic photos and videos for your social media channels or your internal employee communication.

Download the smartphone app. Register your personal account, and create your company. Then you will be the administrator and can get access to the web app here