Get instant succes with our tool

By using the SoMeCentral smartphone- and web app you will get more photos or videos from your co-workers in your company.

Authentic content is the best performing type of content for your social media channels, but also pretty hard to get into a steady flow. Now you can get started super easy. We set up your account as a part of our special offer.

What do you get

  • Personal demo of smartphone- and web app

    We are demonstrating the SoMeCentral smartphone- and web app in your company (Danish companies only).

    Non-danish companies will get an online meeting and demonstration.

  • We onboard your users and administrators for you

    Manual setup and activation of your account

    Based on your custom list we will onboard your administrators and users

    (Maksimum 2000 persons in total)

  • You get 183 days to collect photos and videos

    Your “Special offer” account is active for six – 6 months/183 days after activation.

    You and your content creating users will have time enough to get familiar with SoMeCentral so your co-workers can provide you with a lot of photos and videos originating from your company.

  • We will help you to spot a external SoMe bureau or freelancing SoMe Manager

    If you do not have a professional SoMe Manager or bureau assisting your organization with social media, we will help you to find a great one from our vast network of social media people.

  • The process to get started

    The process

    • You will make contact (Use the contact form on this page)
    • We call you – via phone or Skype
    • We send you an invoice for payment (one-time fee only)
    • We meet in person or via Skype to demo
    • We set up your account and users
    • You start collecting content from co-workers
    • Optional (We help you to spot a SoMe Manager if you need it)

One time fee for six (6) months of use of SoMeCentral

Get started here

  • You will get an automated inbound flow of photos and videos
  • A easy to use build in system for sharing of large photo and videos files with outsiders. You will not need external file transfer systems
  • No more legal issues. You get a automated copyright assignment for all incoming content
  • Easy to manage your account, users and content. Everything is in one place
  • You can get the background for each photo and video, by reading user comments. This can be good to know when you post on your SoMe channels

SoMeCentral is an excellent tool for our company, and it is easy to use.
We use it to collect pictures from our employees to social media use and documentation for work.

SoMeCentral is now a part of the company.

Jesper Larsen Department Manager - CSJ Allusteel

We are happy to use the SoMeCentral tool.

We are using it on a daily basis on our customer locations, partly for internal use and documentation, but mostly for building a great case and reference database.

Using it for all our employee is straightforward, and sharing videos with a new customer has never been easier.

Ole RomoseOwner - Pack-Engineering A/S
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