Contribution, not passion

Contribution not passion

Jan - Founder SoMe, Startup

Contribution not passion The journey of starting up a completely new business is exciting but let us be honest, also hard and faced with a lot of challenges. There are a lot of different issues that a Founder must face, solve or work around. This is not always as much fun as is might sound. If you have been there, …

Invitation to Springboard with CONNECT Denmark

Jan - Founder Startup

Invitation to Springboard with CONNECT Denmark Just before Easter, SoMeCentral and I were invited to a Springboard session with CONNECT Denmark. We are proud to be among the 25% of companies and projects, which are accepted and invited to the large Springboard session, as CONNECT Denmark see them as companies with elite potential. I already do know what I need …

Do things right, not just the right ting

Jan - Founder Startup

Do things right, not just the right ting As I am writing this, SoMeCentral is on its way to becoming a real company with a VAT number. We are transforming from beeing just a fluffy idea into being a company with a mission, and the mission is to help marketing and SoMe marketing departments and the people working in them. …

Make things simpel is my lesseon this week

To simplify is the lesson this week

Jan - Founder investor, Startup

To simplify is the lesson this week This week I did learn an important lesson. On of my close friends did promote SoMeCentral as a potential investment project for a group of people, that have supported him and his company at some point. The group of potential investors did not understand the idea, and I am to blame if you …

Embrace your mistakes

Jan - Founder Startup

Embrace your mistakes Mistakes are a part of life for all of us, and regardless of your background. Nobody will make it through life without making a lot of mistakes. Even people you might think has everything, have made a lot of mistakes in their lives. It is ok to make mistakes, especially if you learn from them and grow. …

We need your investment

Jan - Founder investor

We need your investment Searching! We have had a great start, and we aim to raise 500.000.- DKK for our first round. Feel free to get in contact with our founder. Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.

SoMeCentral is getting ready to do business

Jan - Founder Startup

SoMeCentral is getting ready to do business Finally! After more than half a year of initial planning, the SoMeCentral company and APP are getting a lift-off. Now we are letting the company and idea public. The first investor has made his payment, so now we can get things done. We are excited to be able to offer you a great …