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How to lowering cost for content

Jan - Founder Content Creation Automation

How to lowering cost for content

Many marketing and human resource people are struggling with low budgets on social media. Some companies do accept the fact that they need to put money behind a social media post to get a wider audience and that is fine as organic reach is a thing of the past more or less.

The situation in many marketing departments is that they use corporate visuals ( I kid you not) or stock content from one of the big or free content databases (which is not converting well online), or they get a lot professionally made photos and videos, and that is expensive.

Professional content is fine to some degree, but it tends to loose authenticity on social media. We all reconise content that has been edited bigtime before a photo or video goes public and we as users on social media get blind to it, as it reminds us too much of an add. Consider what you interact with yourself, it is often not the best quality content, but the content with a high rate of authenticity.

Why is the use of authentic content then not wider spread you might ask, and the answer is pretty simple! It is just really difficult to get a steady flow of photos and videos for most marketing people. Co-worker forgets to send content they made in a work-related environment to the people in need of the photos or videos, or they shy away from participating in promoting company postings on their personal social media accounts. In other words, they are feeling uncomfortable with that task. The administration is often hard and time-consuming, and are only adding cost to the content collecting process.

Many marketing people are trying to bypass the issue, by applying different existing products to help them face the challenge, but none of them are really suited to make a simple to use workflow, and therefore they use of these products will often fail bigtime, and furthermore, the tools do not give copyright to the content collected, opening up for a potential legal conflict between the content creating employee and the company using the actual content.

So there is a need for a new kind of tool to close the gap in the market. It must be simple to operate for both the content creator and give enough structure to manage for the people in marketing or human resource.

Today we have a fairly easy to use the system. Content is automatically sent to the back-end where it can be validated or dismissed. The tool takes care of giving copyright to the account owner (our customer) and we also make sharing big files/many files super easy, and without the need of copying files to systems like DropBox, Wetransfer or other similar systems.

It also drops the cost for each photo or videos to a minimum, maybe more than 90% and by letting many co-workers use the smartphone app for content creation marketing will also get much more diverse content to create future stories around.

We are listening to the demands and ideas of product enhancements, so if you have a great idea for an even better product, then contact us by mail.