Sten Knuth. The former mayor of Slagelse in West Zealand, now a member of the Danish parliament for the Liberal Party in Christiansborg.

How and why you must use authentic content for social media marketing

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How and why you must use authentic content for social media marketing

How to become a SoMe superstar

I had a problem when I was making social media for others. I was always in short supply or no supply of updated photos and videos that I could use.

You likely have the same problem, and you are trying to bypass the problem in the same way I did. Your company or customer expect you to be genius and provide them with great storytelling regardless of how little content you might have.

The photo in the top is an authentic situation from my office

You don’t need to come up with photos or videos made by professionals. This picture with Stén Knuth, our former mayor in Slagelse, now a member (MP) of the Danish parliament today, was just a test shot made during a demo of the SoMeCentral system. It not fancy or artificial, it is only two men having a nice time, and a cup of coffee, while talking about how to use SoMeCentral in our office in Slagelse.

Stén is a nice guy, and if you are interested in him and his political work.

Here are some of the online profiles for Sten.

Sten Knuth on Facebook

The parliament of Denmark

Liberal Party

Typically an internal social media manager will try to make some of the much-needed photos and videos himself, but exciting stuff does not just happen because you need it. So chances for you to create inspiring visuals to support your postings are at best mediocre.

Professional stuff
If your budget allows for using a professional photographer, then you can do so, beautiful visuals vill newer go out of fashion, especially not on your corporate website or your brochures, but on social media they are often seen by the audience as a commercial, and is not engaging enough for people to interact with. Try to remember what kind of post that is getting your attention when you are online.

Stock content
Stock photos and videos are the most prominent external content type, most likely because it is a quick fix. Stock content has made it big, and it is because so many social media managers do not know how to make it, or they do not have time to do so, and maybe they assume that they can only post a picture perfect result on any social media platform, but that assumption is often wrong. Most people on social media can call out your stock “bluff,” and the audience ability to filter add stuff will also happen to your post in some degree.

Many social media tools support and provide all sorts of stock content, and if you are new to the platforms, it is ok, but only for a start. When you want to perform better, you must start using authentic content, like it or not, but the results will make you and your bosses happy.

Collect in full resolution
The tool that we make in SoMeCentral is focusing on collecting authentic content from YOUR company or organization. We made it simple for you to invite large numbers of your co-workers to be content creators, without the need for specialized training, or complicated setup.

Whenever they use our smartphone app, the content will appear in your easy to use administrator web app. Here you or your co-administrators can decide on what to keep and what content to delete, and build up a storage of authentic photos and videos for you to use in your storytelling.

If you have 6 minutes, you can see our 6 minute explainer video here:

Share with your workforce
We also made it simple for you to share selected content to your users, that you have approved, so they can use the visuals, without the need for them to ask for permission.

Share with outsiders
When you have large files, you often turn to Systems like DropBox or WeTransfer for sharing. It demands you to download the files you want to share, and uploading them into their system. Not anymore. You can select the files you want to share, and the system will create an e-mail or just a simple URL you can use for the sharing process. The link is used by the outsiders of your account to access only the photos or videos you grant access to. The sharing link is only active for five (5) days, and then it will terminate itself, and become inactive.

When making a new software tool, you might think you need a bunch of fancy stuff to get attention. Super smart graphs and integration into thousands of third-party solutions. For a start, that is not the case. If you provide a unique enough “pain killer,” the base functionality in itself is enough. Over time we added more features to the system, and we not done with that. New features will emerge, as we talk to customers and their needs. After all, they are the best innovators in the world. If you think you have an excellent idea for a new feature, then you are always welcome to contact me.

If you are feeling inspired to collect authentic content from your own company, then I invite you to try our FREE FOREVER version and build your repository of photos and videos from activities in your company.

Claim your free account here: