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Content Creation Automation | CCA

How do you get hundreds of photos or videos a week for your SoMe channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube?

It sounds pretty boring…..Content Creation Automation/CCA. It seems like something that is done by a robot, and not involving people, but nothing is further from the truth. Content in the form of photos and videos are always created by people in your organization or company unless it is a CCTV recording.

People are the real world content creators because they think it is fun, or to document a situation, and there is no automation is this at all. The automation kicks in when it comes to sending photos and videos to the people that need the content for SoMe campaigns or websites. Here is the actual problem because we all forget to send the content to our colleges that need our authentic content, and this is where CCA will do the trick, and ensure that content is forwarded to the people in need, without interaction at all.

The value of many eyes and Smartphone users

Letting your entire workforce, or selected people and groups act as content creators, also enables you to get a much richer content flow, and not only when it comes to the increased volume of content. You will most likely also get content that you didn’t even think existed, and this will enable you as SoMe manager to target specific SoMe strategies more efficiently.

Why genuine content is of value

We all have been on the internet for years, and we know when a company or organization are using pre-made photos and videos, and at a subconscious level, we all know that this is not a real representation of the enterprise. This is also why pre-made content does not impact us in a greater way. It is the same thing with content made by professionals. The corporate image made by advertising agencies and their photographers are manipulated in any way possible to let us, the potential customers, have the best possible image of the organization. Customers tend to bypass this kind of postings, just like any other digital advertising.

Things are changing, as SoMe is getting more traction

Using SoMe channels to promote your company or organization, your service offerings or products is putting more focus on SoMe managers to create content and postings with value. Social media is selling without selling, and content must engage people in the way SoMe managers and their employers want, and often this is not done with professional content because we are savvy in spotting postings with the purpose to advertise, and we bypass them with ease.

The creation process is demanding, and time-consuming

If you by any chance are working in marketing or SoMe, you know how hard it can be to create the content on your own. Furthermore, you are not always able to be in the right spot, at the right time, and here a CCA tool can come in handy. By using a CCA tool, you can let everybody in your organization be content creators, without losing control, or useful media. By using a CCA tool, you can get access to a steady flow of authentic content, created by your colleges and co-workers. This content created by non-professionals will also be considered as authentic by your audience or customers, hence giving the postings more impact on your SoMe channels.

The positive side effect of using a CCA tool

If you are in charge of SoMe channels in your job, then you will experience a positive side effect of using a CCA tool. Gone are the days where you needed to do a photoshoot when you start to get a flow of visual content coming into your back-end system. You can now concentrate on making each posting as effective as possible, and you can most likely make even more great postings.

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.