30 days back, before we launch SoMeCentral

30 days until release of SoMeCentral

Jan - Founder investor, SoMe, Startup

30 days until release of SoMeCentral How do you get hundreds of photos or videos a week for your SoMe channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube? It sounds pretty boring…..Content Creation Automation/CCA. It seems like something that is done by a robot, and not involving people, but nothing is further from the truth. Content in the form of photos …

We still need You

Jan - Founder investor, SoMe

We still need You We have come a long way by now, and things are looking fine, weird but true! The last ten months have been a hard but also exciting journey for me as a Founder of SoMeCentral. I have been talking with potential customers, to get their response to the SoMeCentral product, and all but one (You know …

Contribution, not passion

Contribution not passion

Jan - Founder SoMe, Startup

Contribution not passion The journey of starting up a completely new business is exciting but let us be honest, also hard and faced with a lot of challenges. There are a lot of different issues that a Founder must face, solve or work around. This is not always as much fun as is might sound. If you have been there, …