30 days back, before we launch SoMeCentral

How do you get hundreds of photos or videos a week for your SoMe channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube?

It sounds pretty boring…..Content Creation Automation/CCA. It seems like something that is done by a robot, and not involving people, but nothing is further from the truth. Content in the form of photos and videos are always created by people in your organization or company unless it is a CCTV recording.

People are the real world content creators because they think it is fun, or to document a situation, and there is no automation is this at all. The automation kicks in when it comes to sending photos and videos to the people that need the content for SoMe campaigns or websites. Here is the actual problem because we all forget to send the content to our colleges that need our authentic content, and this is where CCA will do the trick, and ensure that content is forwarded to the people in need, without interaction at all.

The value of many eyes and Smartphone users

Letting your entire workforce, or selected people and groups act as content creators, also enables you to get a much richer content flow, and not only when it comes to the increased volume of content. You will most likely also get content that you didn’t even think existed, and this will enable you as SoMe manager to target specific SoMe strategies more efficiently.

Why genuine content is of value

We all have been on the internet for years, and we know when a company or organization are using pre-made photos and videos, and at a subconscious level, we all know that this is not a real representation of the enterprise. This is also why pre-made content does not impact us in a greater way. It is the same thing with content made by professionals. The corporate image made by advertising agencies and their photographers are manipulated in any way possible to let us, the potential customers, have the best possible image of the organization. Customers tend to bypass this kind of postings, just like any other digital advertising.

Things are changing, as SoMe is getting more traction

Using SoMe channels to promote your company or organization, your service offerings or products is putting more focus on SoMe managers to create content and postings with value. Social media is selling without selling, and content must engage people in the way SoMe managers and their employers want, and often this is not done with professional content because we are savvy in spotting postings with the purpose to advertise, and we bypass them with ease.

The creation process is demanding, and time-consuming

If you by any chance are working in marketing or SoMe, you know how hard it can be to create the content on your own. Furthermore, you are not always able to be in the right spot, at the right time, and here a CCA tool can come in handy. By using a CCA tool, you can let everybody in your organization be content creators, without losing control, or useful media. By using a CCA tool, you can get access to a steady flow of authentic content, created by your colleges and co-workers. This content created by non-professionals will also be considered as authentic by your audience or customers, hence giving the postings more impact on your SoMe channels.

The positive side effect of using a CCA tool

If you are in charge of SoMe channels in your job, then you will experience a positive side effect of using a CCA tool. Gone are the days where you needed to do a photoshoot when you start to get a flow of visual content coming into your back-end system. You can now concentrate on making each posting as effective as possible, and you can most likely make even more great postings.

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.

We have come a long way by now, and things are looking fine, weird but true!

The last ten months have been a hard but also exciting journey for me as a Founder of SoMeCentral. I have been talking with potential customers, to get their response to the SoMeCentral product, and all but one (You know who you are Helle) have said, that they would love to use the SoMeCentral product, as my view of the problem is spot on. To be fair…Helle did like the idea of SoMeCentral, but she was not able to use SoMeCentral in her work life.

Happy days for that, I am honoured. That so many people have been willing to listen to me and what I had to say about SoMeCentral. Their response just makes my determination even stronger to provide the global market with a unique tool that will make their lives more easy, productive and effective.

I have been working my ass off, to contact the right kind of people, that can execute the planned roll-out of the SoMeCentral APP and back-end system, and I got them now. The code guys are in place, ready to do their magic so we can launch the MVP for sale in late August. I know, that the time from now and until them will be felt like it is two years and not just a couple of months. If you been there yourself, you know what I am talking about.

Many start-ups have a great focus on the marketing and development team but tend to forget other staffing needs, but I know that running the finances and working with the budgets are not one of my strong skills or interest, so we have been so lucky to attract a senior CFO to the SoMeCentral ApS company. I am looking forward to being working with Henrik in the future when we can afford to tab into his waste experience and skills.

I am also happy about the current investors; they have been acting cool in the period of setting up SoMeCentral in all the legal aspect. They have been supportive, and I feel blessed to be able to “play ball” with them. That said, we still need a bit more money to execute on the platforms we must meet our potential customers. Hence, we are open for first round investors to put 200.000.- DKK into the company.

Do you want to know more about the potential of SoMeCentral then contact me ASAP, as we will close the first run as quickly as we can, and before the launch of the SoMeCentral MVP product solution is released for sale in late August.


Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.


I have learned that setting up a start-up like SoMeCentral is a tuff job, however now we are ready for the fun part.

  • Initial investors found.
  • Holding company and an operational company is made (SoMeCentral Holding ApS and SoMeCentral ApS).
  • The team is ready for all important roles.

I am grateful for all the helpful people that are willing to assist in our way to a final product, maybe it is because many of the have had the problem we want to help them with, I don’t know that right now, but thanks to everybody no matter what!

So now has the time come to make the final design based on my first design model, and code the product for everyone to enjoy.

This is a Phase I hate….honestly I do, as the code phase is taking the initiative and also a large part of control from me, and I must rely on the code team.

The coder and his co-host….are some really cool guys and they have made a lot of know APPs before, so SoMeCentral is in young, but competent hands right now.

This coding phase is leaving me with time to do other things, like talking to more investors, and this is my primary task right now.

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.

Make things simpel is my lesseon this weekLesson of the week

This week I did learn an important lesson. On of my close friends did promote SoMeCentral as a potential investment project for a group of people, that have supported him and his company at some point.

The group of potential investors did not understand the idea, and I am to blame if you ask me. I know that it can be hard to understand the issues of a modern marketing- or SoMe manager, if you have passed the age of 70 as they were, but I must remember to be even more simplified in my communication, which can be hard, if you have a great idea that will help thousands of companies and organisation.

I accept that they did not have a big understanding of the challenges in a modern marketing organisation, or how things convert into potential clients on social media channels, as they tend to focus on brick and mortar companies, but If I simplify my communication even more, then maybe, they would have understood the message and value of SoMeCentral.

I know who the main customer for SoMeCentral is, and I must communicate the benefits of SoMeCentral in a more simple manner in the future, so everybody knows the value it can bring to them, regardless if they are potential investors or customers.

Live and learn….and I will.

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.


We have had a great start, and we aim to raise 500.000.- DKK for our first round.

Feel free to get in contact with our founder.

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.

We are happy to accept further investors to join our startup.

If you want to get info further contact, then e-mail Jan T. Andersen jan@somecentral.com or give him a call +45 27577847

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.