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How to lowering cost for content

How to lowering cost for content Many marketing and human resource people are struggling with low budgets on social media. Some companies do accept the fact that they need to put money behind a social media post to get a wider audience and that is fine as organic reach is a thing of the past […]


Slagelse Erhvervscenter artikel 09-03-2018

Iværksætter efter launch af app: ”Det er grænseoverskridende fedt!” 8/3/2018 Hvad er det, der er næsten 2 meter højt og går rundt og taler om SoMeCentral? Det er såmænd Jan Thorsø Andersen, 51, der gennem et års tid har haft sin daglige gang i Vækstfabrikken som iværksætter. Den høje mand med den karakteristiske stemme og […]


The SoMeCentral team

Trying to be you! This Sunday we had our first internal meeting. We all needed to meet each other because I, as a founder, only had met the team members individually, so as you can guess, I was excited on how things would turn out. Would the team hate each other, or did I put […]


When things go sour!

The road ahead is paved with challenges Creating a new product is one of the most demanding but also rewarding things I have ever done. I thrive on the positive feedback I get from partners and potential customers. On the other hand, when things are not going according to my plan, I am faced with […]

Two steps forward, one back

Two steps forward, one back Today I have 5400 LinkedIn connections to share the SoMeCentral idea and soon to come product. It should have been a day of celebration for me. In some way it still is. I am humbled by the fact that so many people in communication, marketing, and especially social media marketing […]