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The Team

Jan Thorsø Andersen
Call me here!
Stina Henriksen
Finn René Jørgensen
Birgitte Dinesen
René Minuj-nissen
Stina Henriksen

The team needs skills, experience, and energy

SoMeCentral is a startup based outside Copenhagen, and as with many startups, we need a lot of highly skilled people to get a solid lift-off for our global APP and backend system.

It will be a fun, hard and challenging journey, but together with the rest of us in SoMeCentral, you will be a part of a company with a unique business idea and ambition for global growth.

There is a downside let us be honest.

We need you and a lot of other highly skilled people in all different areas, but we do not have enough funding to employ you all right now, even if we wanted to.

Please stay connected with us, and come back from time to time, or just send us your application right now.


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