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We are in Seed round 2.0


We want to run a lean startup, almost bootstrapping the start, and with more than 100 client accounts set up in our product - SoMeCentral things are just going in one positive direction.

You might think this is a “no-brainer” as we are in a “blue ocean” area of innovation, which is great, but also poses a challenge for us to educate people working with digital or social media content, that there is a new and better way to get access to authentic photos and videos. You and I do not respond well to stock content, or to content that is corporate in its appearance. It is just not appealing to us as content consumers; we want the real deal. We want authenticity and storytelling, just like we have done for thousands of years around the bonfire.

SoMeCentral offers a simple to use smartphone app connected to an admin panel, and administrators can now collect and stock a vast volume of photos and videos that are made by coworkers. Gone are the days were a social media manager needed to make all the content. It is not possible to spot all the great stories at all times. We also let social media people share approved content in a super easy way, so your need for additional file transfer services like DropBox and WeTransfer, are reduced or eliminated.

The SoMeCentral management team is getting bigger. Our Founder Jan knows that it is impossible to have all the skills needed to scale the company. We have a CFO, which is also one of our first investors, and at the moment we have put a plan in motion to onboard a new co-founder Stina Henriksen to be our new COO.

Our primary task now, is to eliminate potential show stoppers for scaling our business. We will still develop new features demanded by our customers.

Our close customers have great ideas for our tool, and they are essential when we are making updates to our product roadmap.

  • 2016 - Product idea

    Initial idea on how to build a software tool that will bypass or minimize the problem, of missing content coming from coworkers in organizations and companies.

  • 2017 - First Seed investors

    To get the project in motion, we needed some initial funding. And in round 1.0 we got 570.000.- DDK to build the company and our MVP (minimal viable product).

  • 2017 - Technology partner

    Finding the right coding partner – and the first partner had to give up on coding the product. The second one is still our technology partner, and the partnership is working just fine.

  • 2018 - SoMeCentral MVP is ready

    At the beginning of February, the SoMeCentral smartphone- and web app product went online.

  • 2018 - Seed 2.0 initiated

    Seed round 2.0 is initiated to get funding for marketing and new requested features.

  • 2019 - Seed 3.0 initiated

    Seed round 3.0 is initiated to get funding for marketing and new requested features.

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SoMeCentral will support the creation and logistical process of creating authentic photos and videos, to any SoMe department, in a simple way.

We believe that simplicity is the key to success for us, our customers and the users.

The market is ready, almost to the point of being needy.

SoMeCentral solves a global problem with our APP and backend system, but we need your commitment and support, and we know that this will be a great investment for you.

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