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Our story at SoMeCentral

Our founder experienced problems, when he worked with digital communication, for his digital marketing customers in Denmark.

One problem seemed to be the same, regardless of the client-specific industries or individual needs. They all had old, poor quality or simply no pictures and videos at all, for their websites and SoMe channels.

This lack of great photos and videos presents a real problem, as social media will be ever more critical of organizations and companies in the future, as well as in the present. Great SoMe posts with authentic content is the future - and the right now.


The nature of humankind

When talking to Marketing- and SoMe Managers they all said, they had the same problem. They were not getting photos or videos from the everyday life in their organizations or companies, and that meant that they were forced to create every single photo or video themselves. What a hassle.


The hassle of authentic content

It can be expensive and time-consuming

SoMe managers can not be everywhere at the same time, and in larger companies, they will not know about everything that is going on. This is where SoMeCentral can unite the entire company - you can use it in every department.

We at SoMeCentral know how to let everyone in your company, be the content creators, and how to automate the transfer of the content to the people that need the photos and videos.

In other words, we eliminate all factors, that block content creators from sending their pictures and videos to the individuals who need them, and we make it easy as well.

Change is coming, not in a year but now

Content Creation Automation “CCA”

We want to transform and own the Content Creation Automation “CCA” market, and we want to make the lives of Marketing and SoMe  managers easier.

With SoMeCentral it is easy for you to create photos or videos. It is as simple as using your standard photo and video app. The automation process in SoMeCentral will bypass the things that are typically preventing photo and video content, from being available to the SoMe people in your company.

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Our vision

We want to provide people with an easy to understand, and easy to use, Content Creation Automation tool, that empowers people on a collaborative level to make their organizations and companies more dominant online, on their social media channels.

We want to be the first, best and most widely used Content Creation Automation tool on the global market. We want to empower our employees to be the best version of themselves, so that they are able to create cool products for our customers to use.

Our mission

We have developed a Content Creation Automation tool that is easy to use for everybody. We support marketing and SoMe marketing on a global scale, so you can become successful and be able to do more with authentic photos and videos from any SoMe platform or your websites.

We want to enhance and support marketing and SoMe workers with a tool that will make their job faster, more effective and cheaper.