Contribution, not passion

The journey of starting up a completely new business is exciting but let us be honest, also hard and faced with a lot of challenges.

There are a lot of different issues that a Founder must face, solve or work around. This is not always as much fun as is might sound. If you have been there, you know what I am talking about.

Today I read a blog post with the headline ”DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR PASSION” and this made me think about SoMeCentral and the road ahead for all involved parties in the SoMeCentral start-up, but mainly for me as the Founder. I am passionate about the SoMeCentral product but SoMeCentral is not a personal passion for me.

The statement about not following your passion was made by the famous Ben Horowitz, and I think his point of view this is important. Ben Horowitz claims that it is more important to contribute than being passionate. This is where SoMeCentral is coming back into my mind. SoMeCentral is not a real passion for me, but…..and here it comes, my way of spotting a problem thousands of people in organizations and companies are having, and how my idea can help them to solve this. I have not yet met anyone working with Marketing or SoMe marketing, that did not have the problem SoMeCentral is solving. SoMeCentral is not a passionate born project, but just a product that will make life more easy and effective for people.

Helping Marketing, Human Resource, Sales, etc. with the SoMeCentral product is my contribution to you, not my passion.

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.

Just before Easter, SoMeCentral and I were invited to a Springboard session with CONNECT Denmark.

We are proud to be among the 25% of companies and projects, which are accepted and invited to the large Springboard session, as CONNECT Denmark see them as companies with elite potential.

I already do know what I need to get feedback on, and it is the issues regarding getting ready for investor round 2, scaling the company, and spotting the right CFO profile, that can assist me creating the right financial information needed to run the company in the right direction, and attract the right kind of investors to support our growth in the time to come.

I must listen to people wiser than me, as this is my first time, creating a company with a global potential, so I am looking forward to the Springboard session, even if they are giving me a hard time, I expect nothing less.

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.



As I am writing this, SoMeCentral is on its way to becoming a real company with a VAT number. We are transforming from beeing just a fluffy idea into being a company with a mission, and the mission is to help marketing and SoMe marketing departments and the people working in them. Getting more authentic visual content for your SoMe channels must be simple and cheap.

Happy days you might think, and yes, it is happy days, but there have also been days where I as a Founder have been met with challenges that have been hard to face. I had to say goodbye to a potential coding partner, as their opinion about how to set up the business, did not go along with my idea. The last week has been one long search for finding the right coding partner, that see the same vision for assisting our future customers in a simple to understand way, and that will have their hands dirty together with me.

$It is frankly not hard to find anyone that will take the money and build the MVP version, but SoMeCentral will get a quick boost into investor round 2, and here we need a real partner, not just a simple solution provider that have the skills to deliver a short-term product. So the days to come will mainly be focused on the right kind of relationship with a coding partner, so we are prepared to help many organizations and companies in the near future.

Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.