Make things simpel is my lesseon this week

To simplify is the lesson this week

Jan - Founder investor, Startup

To simplify is the lesson this week This week I did learn an important lesson. On of my close friends did promote SoMeCentral as a potential investment project for a group of people, that have supported him and his company at some point. The group of potential investors did not understand the idea, and I am to blame if you …

Embrace your mistakes

Jan - Founder Startup

Embrace your mistakes Mistakes are a part of life for all of us, and regardless of your background. Nobody will make it through life without making a lot of mistakes. Even people you might think has everything, have made a lot of mistakes in their lives. It is ok to make mistakes, especially if you learn from them and grow. …

We need your investment

Jan - Founder investor

We need your investment Searching! We have had a great start, and we aim to raise 500.000.- DKK for our first round. Feel free to get in contact with our founder. Author: Jan – Founder of SoMeCentral.