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Only 3 steps for any coworker to become content creating superstars with GDRP contracting

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The easy way to get photos and videos with GDPR compliance from your workforce as a community or HR manager

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management teamS

are more than just suits - use SoMe to add a human touch

Your management teams are often shown as formal, suit-wearing people. Use SoMeCentral to show the other side.


Emphasize the human in human resource

Show why future employees, should choose your company, and make it easier to hire the best of the best.


Show off happy customers using your products

Your sales department plays a key part in promoting your company brand. Make it easy for them

& Logistics

Tell a story from your production and logistics department.

Make production and shipping part of your overall storytelling. Let everyone see and take part in the journey.

Fast and Easy way to collect GDPR COMPLIANT Photos & Videos Across All Departments

The shortest way from photo to Social media post with GDPR compliance


Authentic media marketing tool in two parts

Public & employee

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Media collection and structured Sharing


Create & Collect Authentic Media


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Boost your CTR up to 34%!


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Your SoMe Marketing Tool

Content creation, sharing & GDPR control

What is SoMeCentral?

It is the power of many!

Social media is on the rise, so is the demand for content-rich photos and videos, to support campaigns or individual posting on any SoMe channel. For you, as a SoMe manager, this task takes up a lot of time, effort and money. SoMeCentral is a collaboration tool for everyone in your company to easily act as content creators.

SoMeCentral is just as easy to use, as your standard photo app, and the users will learn to use the app within seconds. Beside GDPR contracting, SoMeCentral takes care of the transfer of any photo or video the user is creating through the app. SoMeCentral automatically transports photos and videos created by the app user to the back-end system, where the SoMe Manager can use the content on social media. Easy right?

As a SoMe manager, you will automatically receive the GDPR approved photos and videos sent to your admin page in the back-end system. Here you can approve the content you need for your SoMe channels. This enables you to easily get authentic content that supports your marketing strategy, without being a huge cost or time consuming.


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