Get more photos and videos from co-workers
It is super easy and secure

We help you to get the content you need for your digital channels on social media or for your internal communication.

The SoMeCental smartphone app is connected to your web app administrator panel, and here you get all files automatically when people in your organization is using the SoMeCentral app for creating photos and videos.

The tool you always wanted, but newer had, until now

We solve a problem we know you have. We have been where you are, and got tired of it and created our own tool.

Use SoMeCentral smartphone- and web app to harvest the power of your workforce or interest group to get high volume authentic photos and videos in a simple and cheap way.

No more stealing, buying stock content or use expensive photographs for stills and video creation, or use your own time to be a content creator, regardless of how effective you are, you can not be more than one place at a time.

Let us help you to get more effective in your job, and let your co-workers assist you in creating the authentic content you need to kick ass on your SoMe channels or your intranet.